Team Africa

Martin Simon follow up our Organic Wholsesale Projects with African Providers

Mr. Achille J. Agbe is our regional advisor on the determination of market sizing, detailed overview of the market, Import tax, duties and regulations, pricing strategy, evaluation of marketing possibilities such as trade fairs, analysis on market competition and preparation and organization of business trip

Project management, business administration, market research. industrial law, human ressources and public relations.

Godefroid Nzambi: <>


Jean Francis Isia Amundala studied in worked in Germany as process engineer. In 1990 he returned to his country with the vision to develop in his country social entrepreneurship and peace building. Since 2006 he directed during the Congolese conflicts humanitarian aid projects co-financed by the German government. Since 2010 he represents of the Franciscan International movement in human rights and peace building in Grate Lake Region. He identify venture social entrepreneurship in education and agro value chain, since 2015 in cooperation with the World Bank.

Hermes Nze Ondo is our expert for data management and researches with Gabon.