Partner Africa

Our Mission

Don Bosco Mondo offers young people at the margins of society new chances. Our means are education and vocational training, because education is the key to development. Don Bosco Mondo combines knowledge and professional skills with „life skills“ and well-directed encouragement of talents.

Focus Corporate Cooperations

Vocational training needs close relationships with companies. It is all about precise training needs, programmes being closely concerned with practise, internships and successful job placement.

Service in Africa and abroad for small and medium enterprises (SMEs);

Starting with accurate information provided by our partners, the Company "Africa Business International" offers consulting practice and existing high-quality information. Our attention is focused on the world of Africa.
With a network of highly qualified partners around the world we can draw reliable data and establish high-level contacts in various business sectors. This information forms the basis of our consultation exactly tailored to the needs of our customers.

Inkubate is a management consulting firm with core competencies in corporate finance, strategy, research, project management and training.

The CAREDE (Carrefour africain de recherche et d’echanges pour le développement) is a research centre, social expertise and promotion of development.

Landwirtschaftliche Forschungseinrichtung in Südwest-Äthiopien.

AFRICA PUBLIC AFFAIRS (APA) is an independent private consulting agency, based in the West-Africa region. Its consultancy network is essentially based on resources persons. They are active politicians, journalists, lawyers, politic, economic and business communication experts. They provide updated information on the economic, political and social aspects and mention any regulation containing major impact on the areas of their services.