reconsite GmbH is specialized on the soil remediation and restoration of highly contaminated terrains as to be found as remains from oil industries, abusive chemical use in agriculture, and other industries using highly contaminating materials.    

Martin Simon follow up our Organic Wholsesale Projects with African Providers

Hansen Korbwaren GmbH are experts for the setup of basketry productions including the plantation of raw materials. The basketry production can create regular and sustainable additional income to rural areas, especially to women and small farmers. 

Festo Didactic is the world-leading provider of equipment and solutions for technical education – your global partner for competence development.

The organic method of cultivation permits nourishing, valuable food to ripen for human beings and at the same time maintain the richness of nature. Weber Naturkost transport the foods with their wealth of values from various cultures and traditions to the customer.

Our Mission

Don Bosco Mondo offers young people at the margins of society new chances. Our means are education and vocational training, because education is the key to development. Don Bosco Mondo combines knowledge and professional skills with „life skills“ and well-directed encouragement of talents.

Focus Corporate Cooperations

Vocational training needs close relationships with companies. It is all about precise training needs, programmes being closely concerned with practise, internships and successful job placement.

Hensel Recycling is a major stakeholder for precious metal recycling worldwide.

We provide them since years with recycling materials from almost all African countries.


Manfred Spaltenberger enriche notre équipe avec son expertise sur des solutions innovatives en technologies environnementales et industrie. Ainsi que il répond aux questions de la proprieté intellectuelle, et strategies de des noveaux innovations, Il fait part de la directoire de l'Institut allemand pour innovation - Son Leitmotiv est: "Nous avons pour tous une solutions. Nous devons juste connaitre le problème"